App for every decade

Integrate everything, from album pictures and 8mm film to pictures and videos on your smartphone.

From the beginning to now


Digitize the old, sync the new. Our friendly archivists enter dates for each film, video, and image. Software automatically organizes digital photos and videos in chronological order.


Direct digitization to app

Any film, video, or image can be accessed on your phone, computer, tablet, and TV.


Unlimited Storage

Every analog, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac photo and video can be stored and accessed from one place.


Original Resolution

Download original resolution files now and in the future. Your quality is retained and optimized for all devices.


100% private and secure, with control over user access, permissions, and sharing..



World-class, triple redundancy offers added measures of security. Your memories are backed-up at other facilities to ensure you always have access.


Intelligent Tag System

Tags are created from your physical labels (photo albums, slide carousels, negative envelopes, film reel boxes/cans, video tape cases), computer folders, and device albums.

Family Friendly

Invite those you love to view, tag, and add new memories to your archive.