Celebrating 20 Beautiful Years

Fire TV

Fire TV Remote


Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to navigate between Menus and Items on the screen.

When an item is highlighted, press the Action button to view it in Fullscreen.

Press the Menu button to show or hide the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

Press Fast-Forward or Rewind buttons to quickly navigate between Life, Decades, Years, Months and Days sections.


In Fullscreen mode, press Left and Right buttons to view the next item in your timeline.

Press the Menu button to view the information for the item: Persons (if available), Tags (if available), and File Information.

When viewing videos, press the Play-Pause button to Pause and Resume the video.

Press the Fast-Forward or Rewind button to seek the position in the video, then press Play/Pause to resume playback.

Pressing the Fast-Forward or Rewind button multiple times will increase the seeking speed.

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