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Video Tapes

VHS, 8mm/Hi-8, MiniDV, VHS-C, Betamax

Digitize Tapes


Professional Decks
Time Base Correction
Viewing: TV, Computer, and Smartphone
App: Navigate by Date
App: Batch Download MP4s
App: Search by Title
App: Share with Family
Storage: Lifetime Online Access
Digitize Tapes

Frequently Asked Questions

Memorable can digitize most common video tape formats, including: VHS, VHS-C, Video-8, Hi-8, Digital-8, MiniDV, HDV, and Betamax.

Tapes can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and television using the free Memorable app.

Yes. The Memorable desktop app for Windows and Mac includes a batch download feature, allowing downloading of all tapes uploaded to your Memorable account.

Yes. Memorable looks for dates on the labels of your tapes as well as within the video content itself. The Memorable app then constructs a dynamic timeline of each date, allowing you to quickly navigate and watch any year from your family memories. The dates are also editable within the app for any tapes without labels.

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