TV App Development Services

Bigger experiences
for big screens.

We design and program user interfaces and interaction for media-rich applications which are enjoyable, easy to navigate, and stream high-quality content to TVs.

Our Process

1. Backend
We architect and develop scalable databases, APIs, and backend services which power your TV app.
2. UX/UI
We design a TV app experience your users will love, with high resolution video streaming, 4K image quality, smart navigation, and features unique to your product.
3. Navigation
We program your TV app to be user-friendly via remote and voice and intuitive to navigate for all ages.
4. Test and Iterate
We involve our clients in the TV app development process, with the ability to review and comment on the latest dev release in real-time.
5. Release and Update
We deploy your TV app for download from TV app stores, apply feedback from customers and reviews, and update the app with bug fixes and new features.

Our Integrations

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