Custom Media App Development

Beautiful streaming experiences
for dynamic media libraries.

We develop subscription-based applications that utilize video, image, and audio assets to create enjoyable experiences for your users on any platform.

Your content streamable,
searchable, and shareable.

We architect scalable cloud infrastructures that expand automatically as your user base grows.
Our media streaming engineers ensure your content is delivered in the highest quality while ensuring a smooth experience across mobile, desktop, and TV.
We use advanced data organization techniques and AI to help users find specific items and navigate large media libraries with ease.
We develop subscription-based media applications which enable charging customers automatically on a monthly or annual basis.
Custom Features
Our team implements solutions that not only look great but also function flawlessly, ensuring your creative and ambitious ideas are enjoyed by the masses.

Case Study


Database Design / Backend Engineering / Frontend Engineering / UX/UI / Cloud Architecture / DevOps / Data Engineering / Process Automation / Digitization / Video Transcoding and Streaming
Harvard Athletics
Harvard Athletics had a massive archive of media on a mixture of 16mm film, videotape, and digital formats which they wanted to make available for their alumni in a modern and user-friendly format.
We designed a website which provided alumni access to hundreds of hours of historic game footage, searchable by a combination of date range, sport, opponent, and more.
Users could stream videos in high definition quality on their smartphone, tablet, and computer.
We also created an easy process where administrators could upload media files, manage metadata, and enable new content for viewing on the public site.
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