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We create scalable B2B2C platforms which enable integration of your unique technology on third-party websites and apps.

Your software platform idea,
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Backend and API
We design secure and scalable backends that implement your business logic while allowing clients to communicate programmatically with your platform via APIs and webhooks.
Product Widget
We develop integrable apps, buttons, and widgets that allow clients to add your solution and functionality into their websites and applications with only a few lines of code.
Client Libraries
We create developer-friendly libraries and SDKs which enable clients to communicate with your APIs in their language of choice.
Third-party Integration
We make it easy for your clients to get started, from creating an account to generating unique public and secret keys, as well as providing easy-to-use documentation for developers.

Case Study


Database Design / Backend Engineering / Cloud Architecture / DevOps / API Design & Development / Webhooks / UX/UI / Frontend Engineering / Widget Development / Payments Management / SDK Development / Developer Documentation
SharePay's goal was to create a new payment method for the web, like PayPal for multiple people. This would enable any e-commerce merchant to integrate SharePay into their cart checkout process and facilitate customers to split the cost of products and subscriptions with friends and family.
While other shared payment solutions like Venmo existed, SharePay solved the problem on the frontend as opposed to afterwards, ensuring zero-anxiety for the initiating customer.
Solution Part 1: Consumer Widget
We created a user-friendly widget that allows consumers to use SharePay with a single login on any website or app that integrates SharePay.
To make a purchase, customers click the SharePay button on the merchant's checkout page, add participants, set a deadline date, and pay their portion of the cart. All participants then receive an email or text to pay their share.
If 100% of the cart total is paid, the customer receives their order, otherwise all participants get a 100% refund.
Additionally, users can log in to a web application where than can view their SharePay order history and manage their payments and shipping information.
Solution Part 2: Merchant Signup
SharePay was created to enable companies like, Crate and Barrel, and thousands of others to easily facilitate the sale of gifts and high-ticket items on their e-commerce websites.
We created a business portal where merchants can sign up, add their business information, and download public and secret keys for both their test and production environments, allowing developers to begin integrating SharePay into their company's checkout process.
Solution Part 3: Business Integration
We made it easy to integrate SharePay's widget on the frontend in three simple steps.
  1. Include SharePay widget
    <script src="sharepay.js"></script>
  2. Set public key
  3. Initialize cart
We enabled merchants to consume SharePay's authenticated API endpoints to retrieve and update information on orders, products, and customers, and created client libraries for PHP, Python, C#, and Ruby environments.
SharePay's system programmatically sends notifications to merchant-configured webhooks to inform companies when a cart is fully funded, so they can ship the customer's order.
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