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Market Research / Database Design / Backend Engineering / Data Engineering / Cloud Architecture / DevOps / Systems Integration / UX/UI / Custom Database / Custom JS Framework / Frontend Engineering / Mobile Development / Desktop Development / TV Development / Process Automation / Digitization / Image Processing / Video Transcoding and Streaming
Consumers faced a challenge of connecting and organizing a lifetime of memories split between born-digital and analog photos and videos.
Typically, this required using two different companies, one for uploading and storing digital media and another for digitizing pre-digital formats.
Memorable aimed to create an industry-first product that integrates both present and past memories with a single system to create an unparalleled digital experience.
Customers can enjoy all their memories in one place, automatically organized by date, person, and tag. This is made possible through batch uploading photos and videos from any operating system, and by sending in physical media to be digitized and added to the customer's app.
We developed the app with a local-first design, enabling customers to view, navigate, and organize their memories even while offline. The app seamlessly merges local and cloud photos and videos, and also provides customers the option of downloading their media.
Customers can use the same login to enjoy their account on mobile, desktop, and TV versions of the app. The app also includes facial recognition, making it easy to view all photos of a specific person with just one click.
  • Created a unique design that presents every decade of a customer's life on one screen with minimal scrolling.
  • Displays accurate dates automatically for both digital and pre-digital media.
  • Invented a 5-level date-navigation system that enables customers to navigate to any date over 50% faster than with Apple Photos.
  • Invented a face-merge feature that can find more photos of a given person than Amazon, Apple, and Google Photos, from the same data set.
  • Customers can switch between the front and back of a digitized photo with one click.
  • Customers have the ability to download and view all their photos and videos offline.
  • Enables searching of digitized handwritten labels as tags.
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